Every tooth in a man’s head is more valuable than a diamond.

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The most advanced non-preparation veneer available on the market. Can be used to resurface teeth for a straight and polished look. A great option to treat malposed teeth and will leave your patients amazed by the results.


A superior aligner which is almost invisible, providing patients with access to revolutionary orthodontic technology which is far less intrusive than a standard brace and much more comfortable.


Made from zirconium, these crowns are not only extremely strong, but they also look natural and last much longer than conventional porcelain. Cosmetically it can not be beaten.

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Creative Arts Dental Laboratory

Creative Arts Dental Laboratory has established itself as a recognized global brand in the dental cosmetic industry. With a strong presence in Dubai as a leading international dental manufacturer for dentists and patients around the world, Creative Arts has now expanded to Europe where it offers faster lead times and easier access to clients than ever before.

Combining the latest technology with our experienced team of dental technicians we are committed to fulfill our vision of delivering quality the first time, and every time!

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Proven Experience

With years of experience and a long list of delighted clients, we work hard to improve our skills every year to keep up with the new technologies, so we can proudly say that we have the talents and expertise to make you flawless prosthetics which your patients deserve.

Advanced Technology

At Creative Arts Dental, we help you fulfill your vision and provide your patients with the perfect smile they are dreaming of, using cutting edge technology and the finest materials available.

Creative Team

Our highly trained dental technicians have earned a great reputation for the quality of their results and their excellent customer service. Our products are creatively designed to achieve highly cosmetic and functional features resulting in a quality that speaks for it self.
Todays Tip: Choosing a Dentist
What to look for when choosing a dentist?

When it comes to choosing a dentist, the health of your teeth and mouth should be the base for making your selection.Look for a dentist who has experience with the services you are seeking and a professional caring staff that takes the time and the effort to really listen to what you want.Besides the classic questions patients usually think about, MOST IMPORTANTLY, Ask about the materials they use and the laboratory they cooperate with.It is becoming common for patients to request a visit to the laboratory where the work is done. Having the right clinic or dentist is a great thing however your crown, bridge, veneers or any fixed restorations or removable dentures will be sent by the dentist to the dental laboratory, and a dental technician will do your restorations and send it back to the dentist.

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What makes Creative Arts Dental different?

We understand the importance of having confidence in the work given to your patients. At Creative Arts Dental providing your patients with great dental experience is our priority. We make sure that they walk out happy and satisfied with results exceeding their expectations. Therefore we specialize in Cosmetics and Dental Implants because your patients’ smile is important to us.

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What is the Turnaround time?

We work swiftly, taking only 5 – 8 days on average between receiving your order and delivering it. Our expert Dental Support Team is constantly on hand to answer any queries and to assist our clients through the entire process via email or phone. Together, we’ll get your patients’ amazing smiles back on track in no time!

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What kind of materials do you use?

We use the finest materials and most advanced technologies to make flawless work that will fit teeth perfectly. Whether it’s a Zircon Crown, Venee+ or Ortho+ we make sure that it all meets the highest aesthetic standards.

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Will I meet the Dental Technician who made my Crown or Bridge?

We share the same interest with dentists who works with us. The satisfaction of the patient is the goal that we aim for. That is why we encourage dentists to send the patients to any of our Dental Studios for choosing the right shade and selecting the perfect match color for the job.

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How do you handle remakes and repair cases?

Due to the high quality of work and materials used by Creative Arts, it is very rare that any follow-up repairs or remakes will be needed. If this does occur, we’ll consult with you and assess the need for replacements on a case-by-case basis. At all times, your satisfaction is our priority.

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